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Circle Time was founded on September 2, 2003; I opened the center with expectations of creating a family like atmosphere or a “home away from home” for your children.  Circle Time is not just a school, it is one big family. I take great pride in the fact that my staff and I take a genuine interest in each and every family within the Circle Time community. We attend countless birthday parties, T-ball games, and dance recitals throughout the year. When graduates and their families stop by for a visit, send Christmas cards, or call to give us an update, I know that my staff and I have achieved our goals of having a successful program.

Circle Time’s program philosophy is “A Great Place to Learn & Grow”. All children need a safe, nurturing, fun environment to spread their wings by learning through hands on experiences. Our programs offer full and part time Education needs to accommodate each family. Circle Time is both a play and educational based center; the staff and I believe the best way for children in early childhood to learn is through exploring their environment and playing with children in their age group.  Our preschool and Pre-Kindergarten classrooms maintain the highest educational goal in Waterford. This is achieved through maintaining a state appointed 1:10 ratio. In the younger classrooms including Infant and toddler we trust the children can learn and grow in smaller group settings; this is why we have a 4:1 student to teacher ratio and never exceed 8 children within a classroom. Circle Time accepts children between the ages of two weeks through 12 years. As each student grows with our program they are invited into more advanced classrooms. After the students graduate from our preschool program, they enjoy our drop in program for school closing days, holiday breaks, and summer camp.